Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Election In Andhra Pradesh 2014. To Which Party Do You Vote ? Please Vote Below Or Clik on Party Symbol Side. 

Hello to each and everyone,
This is the advance survey of Election in Andhra Pradesh 2014. To which party do you vote ? Please vote to your own party. Please vote only one vote by this we can get exact answer. We have number of parties in Andhra Pradesh. But the major parties are CONGRES, TDP, TELANGANA,BJP, YSRCP, CPI, CPM and MIM etc. But we have only one valuable vote. We need to decide for which party we need to vote. By your valuable vote nation is there in your hands for the development of Andhra Pradesh.So chose the right party to rule in Andhra Pradesh.

Below are the list of parties. To whom do you vote and why?

2.   TDP
4.   BJP
5.   YSRCP
6.   CPI
7.   CPM
8.   MIM